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Bries 2016

Introduction of Bries 2016

We are delighted that you have joined us for the 2nd International Conference of Bridging Industry with secondary and post-secondary Educational Systems. The conference is bringing together teachers, HRM experts and industry practitioners with the aim to present, exchange and promote good practices of narrowing the gap between educational offers and industrial needs.

This year”s referates will be focused on comparison between different final practical exams at the end of seconadary education in the mentioned region.



Conference schedule of Bries 2016

  • 9.30 – 10.00: Official opening of the conference
    10.00 – 11.30: 4 Plenary sessions with discussion
    (parallel students competition)
  • 11.30 – 12.00: Coffee break, snacks
  • 12.00 – 14.00: 4 Plenary sessions with discussion
    (parallel students competition)
  • 14.00 – 14.30: Lunch
  • 14.30 – 16.00: Student presentation, experience
    exchange and Conference conclusion


Welcome speeches

  • Kristof Debeljak Mag. Prof. (Šolski center Škofja Loka)
  • Direktor Josef Stocker BEd (Fachberufsschule Villach 2)
  • Mag. Dr. Petra Oberrauner (Vizebürgermeisterin der Stadt Villach)
  • Mag. Martina Rattinger (Leiterin Verbindungsbüro Kärnten in Brüssel)
  • Mag. Christina Zauner (Bundesministerium für Bildung und Frauen)
  • Mag. Dr. Marlies Krainz-Dürr (Direktorin der Pädagogischen Hochschule)
  • Dipl.Päd. Ana Blatnik (Bundesrätin)

(Presentation: Mag. Andrea Stuhlpfarrer)


Plenary referates:

  • Ing. Alfred Madrutter (Wirtschaftskammer)- „Apprenticeship Leave Certificate and Master Craftsman’s Diploma in Austria“, concepted by: Mag. Manfred Zechner and DI (FH) Hansjörg Gärtner (Wirtschaftskammer)
  • HR Dipl.-Ing.Dr. Johann Persoglia (Direktor HTL Wolfsberg) – „Innovation Alive HTL Wolfsberg (College of Engineering)“
  • Mag. Sabrina Moser-Schellander (Infineon)- „Apprenticeship training in Austria through the example of Infineon Technologies Austria AG“
  • Elido Bandelj (director of Slovenian institute for vaocational education and training, SLO) – Systemic approaches and views on the cooperation between schools and employers in Slovenia
  • Mag (FH) Pucher Wolfgang (Industriellenvereinigung)- „Significance of apprenticeship for the Carinthian industry: providing highly skilled employees“
  • Stanislav Klouda (Industrijsko-obrtnička škola Slavonski Brod, HR) – The final graduating work in the field of automechatronics
  • Mag Thomas Pseiner (Alpen-Adria Allianz)- „The Alps-Adriatic-Alliance – building bridges through a network“
  • Marko Emili (Državni poklicni zavod za industrijo in obrt Jožef Stefan, ITA) – The importance of the thesis for a student at the end of the secondary school


Photo Gallery of Bries 2016