December 2018
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Pictures, video clips and referates

Pictures, video clips and referates are already published in Archive 2018. If somebody has any interesting pictures, pls just send them to me.

Video clips

Students from all 3 italian schools have prepared some video clips, which you can find here.

Enjoy watching 🙂

Thanks !

Dear participants of the international conference Bri-es 2018.


On behalf of all four educational institutions


EnAIP FVG –, Udine

Državni izobraževalni zavod “Štefan”, Trieste

Državni Izobraževalni Zavod “Cankar-Vega-Zois”, Gorizia

Šolski Center Škofja Loka, Škofja Loka


that have organized this event, we sincerely thank you for your presence at the event.

Goodbye and see you next year.


Kristof Debeljak, M.Sc.

BRI-ES Conference Coordinator

The day of the conference is approaching

Dear participants. The conference day is approaching. Do not forget to sign up. On tuesday we close the login page.

Conference day of the is approaching

The day of the conference is approaching. Do not forget to sign up. Currently, over 200 registered.

Aplication site

Till now already 100 members signed in. Application site will be closed for aplication on thursday, 08.03.2018.  Please sign for conference till then.

BRI-ES 2018 Conference announced – 15.3.2018, Udine, Italy

We invite you to attend the BRI-ES 2018 conference, which will be organized by:


– Državni Izobraževalni Zavod “Cankar-Vega-Zois” from Gorizia

– EnAIP FVG – Ente Acli Istruzione Professionale del Friuli Venezia Giulia from Udine

– Državni izobraževalni zavod “Štefan” from Trieste


Also this year will be included fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, mechatronics and woodworking.


Detailed program will be published shortly.

We look forward to your participation

Pictures of Bries 2017 published

You will find pictures of Bries 2017 in archive 2017.

BRI-ES 2017 picures

Pictures will be published tomorrow !

BRI-ES 2017 conclusion and pictures

Dear participants !

Many thanks to all of you, who contributed with your presence to successful BRI-ES 2017 conference. We hope that you enjoyed and got some new knowledge and acquaintances. Pictures will be published till end of this week under Archive Bries 2017

See you in Italy in March 2018 !

Best regards in name of organizing committee

BRI-ES Conference Coordinator
Kristof Debeljak, mag. prof.